23 May 2014

the one with... the confession


Yes, I am still around.

I've just been quiet here on the blog but you can always find me over on my Instagram with updates on the cottage.  I've recently repainted the lounge room and work is about to start on turning the old kitchen into a spare room.  Yep the work continues...

The reason for my absence is that I've been spending all of my time over on my business website.

I'm loving it!

So what do I do? I work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers and small businesses to create a website that they will get the absolute best out of.

Pop over to the website and say hello.

I'm still quietly lurking around your blogs - that won't change.

Lisa xo


  1. I have missed your home updates on the blog here but is great to keep in touch via Instagram :) I must check out your business blog bit of a smart cookie arent you! x

    1. Hey there Michelle. Chuckle yep we always have Instagram :-)

  2. Good to hear from you, and I'll have to check out your new website. Will you still be popping by here sometimes? x

    1. Hello Hello! I'm not going anywhere, I may just be a little quieter. I got your comment over on the website so I'll get that review for you soon. Cheers Lisa


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I don't like spam (who does) so I do moderate comments before they go up on the website.

Thank you.
Lisa xo


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