15 February 2013

the one... with a chair

I started another project one night after work. This is becoming a regular thing with me.

This chair has been moved around the house from room to room and even been used as a stool while I painted, as you can see from all the splatters of paint. I actually got it for free when I worked for as the Marketing Manager for a furniture company.

I'll be back soon with the finished chair.

The colour may surprise you!

Lisa xo


  1. Hi, just noticed your comment on my blog post... thanks for stopping by! You mentioned you remembered the book from the print in my house... do you remember the title of it by any chance? I look forward to seeing your chair makeover... I have a few projects I'm eager to start on too which involve sanding and painting :) Glad to have now discovered your blog and am off to read through some more of your posts...

    1. Hi Amanda, glad you could stop by. Sorry I don't but let me do a little investing and see what I can find. Lisa xo

  2. I can't wait to see how the chair ends up. Rachel x


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