4 February 2013

the one... about a tree

Well wasn't that storm a lot of fun!

Living near the bay you expect winds but I have never experienced winds like that before. The rain was horizontal and the wind was whistling through the house - that's what you get with a timber cottage.

There was a casualty, my beautiful tree. Honestly, I loved this tree. It provided the yard with shade in the morning.

Oh there was one other casualty and that was my clothes line.  Yep it's under there somewhere.

Now for the clean up.

This is the very large pile out the front waiting for the council to collect (update: I phoned the council today and was told there are just too many people who need green waste picked up that they wont be doing it. NICE WORK!).

I was pretty lucky though compared to so many other people.  I just had a tree to remove and some have lost their homes.

Lisa xo

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