8 February 2013

the one... with the drawers

February Challenge: $0 Spend

Do you remember a couple of weeks back I asked for your help on selecting the colour to paint the bedroom drawers?  I found typing that post rather therapeutic because by the end of it I had made my decision.

Here they are finished:

Isn't it funny how we make a decision and then start swaying back and forth, only to come back to your original decision.  I guess it lets you know you made the right decision in the first place.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't take any photos while painting because the weather wasn't exactly great that weekend with the Brisbane storm.  I can tell you they were your regular pine drawers to start with and after a light sand and clean they got an undercoat.  Once that was dry, they got another sand and clean before four coats of green went on, each with a sand and clean between coats.

I went with British Paints in Spring Carnival and spray painted the old knobs with White Satin (I had a can in the garage).

I'm pretty happy with them.  They really add a pop of colour to the white room.

As you can see below I still have to paint the wardrobe doors and I'm still on the look out for bedside table lamps.

It does feel like the room is starting to come together just like my mood board.

Lisa xo


  1. They look wonderful! So glad you went with green, well done :)

    1. Thanks, I'm really happy with them and yes, I agree I'm glad I went with the green. Lisa xo


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