28 September 2012

the one... I've chosen the colour

I have finally made a decision on the colour.

As you know I was undecided when it came to the first colour I had chosen.  I thought I had got it right but when the sample pot was put on the house I thought it looked wishy washy (yes that's a very technical term).

I headed back to Bunnings and picked up another sample pot, this time I went with the colour just above on the paint chart.

We have a winner!

I've decided to go with Dulux Class Blue and I couldn't be happier.  It is grey but has a slight mauve tint to it which I love.

Just wait til you see it finished.  The painter told me this morning he has only a couple of days to go.

Lisa xo


  1. Sounds lovely, look forward to seeing the finished paint job :)

    1. Thanks. Only days now until the big reveal. Lisa xo

  2. Can't wait to see the completed job..M


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