30 August 2013

the one... with squeals

IKEA catalogue app

ohhhhh my I love it when the new Ikea 2014 catalogue is out!

It's officially instores on the 9th September but you can head over to Ikea now and view it online.

I was thinking of driving down there this weekend but I might hold off - need to have time to go through the catalogue first.

Lisa xo


  1. ME TOO!!!!!!!

    I've lost about an hour going through it...but while I love being able to look at it on-line, I still prefer the "hard-copy".

    A trip to the Swedish boutique is on the cards pretty soon I think

  2. You have to have the hard-copy for sure!!! Lisa xo

  3. I received mine just days after I visited the store, was a little annoying I could have had my shoppping list all ready instead of walking so slowly past everything taking it all in! Lots of great stuff but what I like the most is a lot of their prices have come down on frames and art and the like from their previous year which is a nice surprise :)

  4. Oh that's great about the prices cause frames are what I need. I'm dying to get instore and check it out. Lisa xo


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