31 January 2013

the one... with a little challenge

I think I want to set myself a diy challenge?

The challenge is to not purchase anything new for the cottage that is over $10.

The only exception to this rule is what I've committed to for the kitchen (that being the appliances, cabinets, tradies). No accessories - I can only use what I have.

Here are a few cheap diy projects I've done.

door mat

bedside tables

Christmas decoration

front screen door

I'm thinking of setting this challenging for myself for the month of February.  Yep, I have just 1 day before I start!

Wow, this will test me.  I've got a couple of things in mind and I can use whatever I have on hand in the garage or in the house.  I can only purchase things that cost less than $10.  If not, it'll have to wait until March.

Gosh, can I do this?

We will have to wait and see.

Have you set yourself a challenge like this before?  I'd love to know how you went?

Lisa xo

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