18 November 2013

the one... with painted drawers

I came across this set of drawers on the Matt Blatt website after receiving their email about a sale.

This unit has been reduced from $495 to $327.

As much as I love the unit I really don't have a need nor do I have any room for another piece of furniture in the cottage.

So next option... I have a set of dark timber drawers from Samara Furniture that I've had forever and was standing in front of it recently thinking it needs something.  Do you do this, stand in front of something and hope a brilliant idea will just pop in your head.  I also did this tactic recently with the laundry - I stood in the doorway staring into the room for about 10 minutes...  waiting...  I'm still waiting…

Anyway back to the drawers.  I did think about painting but didn't want to paint the entire unit - I like this idea with just painting the drawer fronts.

My unit is a similar dark colour as the top large drawer and I have white paint, stain from the veranda and a darker grey floor paint that was used on the front porch.

Oh I feel a mid-week project coming.

Lisa xo


  1. Cute idea! Look forward to seeing how the drawers turn out :)

    1. Thanks Natalie. I made a start last night and I like it! Lisa xo

  2. Yes I stand and stare but I think its only for 10 seconds but it feels like 10 minutes lol. You can definately visualise better when your in the room than sitting at the computer etc. Up cycling what you have is a great idea, Im sure you will turn it into a work of art!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Natalie. These are on my to-do list to finish over the long weekend. I popped over to check out your blog - cute cottage! Lisa xo


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