21 May 2013

the one... with a trip back

Well the new kitchen is well and truly in and getting a lot of use.  I honestly couldn't be happier with it but then look above to see what I was working with before - there is just no comparison.

As you know from my many posts about selecting the right tile - which I still haven't done yet.  I just can't decide.

Back to the old kitchen which will be turned into a spare room slash craft/sewing/printing room which I am soooo excited about.

As you can see from the photo below I am part way through painting the window ready for installation of the plantation shutter.  I got the frame painted in time and the guy turned up on a very hot day so Charlie and I retreated to my bedroom which is the only room in the cottage with air conditioning.

After a while I hear a crash and then a hushed 'hello'.  It turns out the guy dropped a section of the shutter and knocked over the can of white paint on the floor!

He made some pathetic attempt to clean it up but gave up and came to find me.

The spill wasn't bad and I managed to clean it all up BUT he broke the shutter so he would have to take it away and have a new one ordered which would take another 8-9 weeks.

And I'm still waiting...


  1. Oh no!! So frustrating! The nice bright white looks so much better though!

    Love shutters! Where are yours from?

    1. It's amazing what a difference white paint can do! The shutters are from Victory. Lisa xo

  2. The kitchen is looking wonderful, looking forward to seeing which tile you decide to go with ;) How frustrating that the installer broke your shutter and you now have to wait again for it to be installed! I'm currently waiting for my new shutters to arrive - feels like they were ordered years ago...they take soooo long don't they?

    1. They take forever! The one they broke is being installed this Saturday, finally! I did put in a formal complaint with the Office of Fair Trading to get things moving - which is unfortunate. Lisa xo

  3. When I lived in an apartment a tradesman was on my balcony having a smoke and knocked over an outdoor ornament. I told him he had to pay me for it so he came back a week later with $20 .... but then I dropped it between walking back to my unit! The irony! I hope you get it fixed soon :)


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