25 January 2013

the with... your help is needed

Those in living in Australia are well aware that we have a long weekend this week for Australia Day!!

It looks like it's going to be a wet weekend which is not very Australian.

So in saying that I thought I would take advantage of the extra day try to finish a few projects inside the house - you know those little jobs that finish a room but never seem to get done.

My bedroom is almost finished but I can't decide what colour to paint the chest of drawers.

As you know I painted the bedside tables a light grey which I'm happy with.

On the mood board I had chosen green but I'm tossing up with a deep purple.

A purple taken from the print I bought which is now on the wall (yippee).

I think what's stopping me is that I still want to find a bedhead to fill the white wall and had been thinking of doing up an old timber door and painting it - I like the option of changing the headboard colour.


Thank you!

You know what, in typing this post I have made up my mind.  I guess it's like when you say something outloud - it becomes clearer.

I'll be back with photos of the colour I have chosen.

Lisa xo


  1. I vote for green - the green chest of drawers you posted are from one of my favourite pins on Pinterest! Purple will look great too though. Either color will work beautifully with your print :)

    1. Thanks. I finished the drawers on the weekend so I'll post the 'after' photos soon. Lisa xo

  2. i say Green, but I will always say green because thats my go to colour. Cant wait to see what you ended up choosing.

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by. You would be correct on the green! Be sure to check them out. Lisa xo


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