28 January 2013

the one... with a mid week project

I have had this little project on my list for a while now and for some reason one night last week, after I got home from work, it seemed to be the perfect time.

Yep I spray painted 'hi' on my front door mat.  So simple!

I typed up 'hi' on the computer and printed it out.  I then cut out the letters using a cutting blade.  I then grabbed a can of spray paint I had in the garage and some newspaper.  I layed the paper out on the veranda table and used sticky taped to hold the paper on the mat.  I sprayed in short bursts to prevent bleeding underneath the paper.

I love it and it should hopefully put a smile to everyone's face when they walk up the front stairs.

Lisa xo


  1. Love it. Think I need to have one that says "g'day" just to show that Aussies live here :-)

  2. That's a great idea! Be sure to send me a photo. S xo

  3. Do you know I did this exact thing last week? And have been looking at pine bedsides to buy to paint white, as I am sick of having none... It's freaking me out! :)

    1. This is a little scary!!! I'd luv to see pics of your welcome mat? Lisa xo


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