23 January 2013

the one... with christmas celebrations

I realise we are heading towards the end of the January but I wanted to share with you a few photos from Christmas.

Christmas Eve has been at my place for the last couple of years and this year it was on the new veranda.

I co-host the evening with my beautiful niece and this year we wanted a centre piece that was off the table to allow more space for the seafood.

This is what we did.

We found a stick in her yard and spray painted it silver.  After it dried we hung it from the veranda rafters - I really wanted to use fishing wire but I didn't have any on hand so we went with string.

After we hung the branch up, my niece got to work on hanging the purple and silver baubles and I think she did a stunning job.

We also sticky taped butchers paper to the table and had crayons for everyone to draw all over it.  There was some interesting pictures by the end of the night.

Christmas morning was just Charlie and myself, before we head over to my parents place, and this was Charlie's stash.

I think Santa was very good to him this year - he must have been a very good puppy!

Lisa xo

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