17 July 2012

the one... with a trip to the vet

After a recent trip to visit family who live on acreage I did the usual tick check on Charlie when we got home and I'm happy to say I didn't find anything.

It was a couple of days later during a rumbling session I felt something and on closer inspection I found a tick.

Now it was dead when I found it but it was still in him so I grabbed the tweezers and pulled it out.  It so small, really it was the size of a pin head.  I didn't realise they were that small.

All seemed good until a couple of days later when I noticed a lump had formed where the tick was so I called the vet and made an appointment.

He doesn't mind going to the vet, why wouldn't he, he always gets treats and belly rubs.
The look says it all 'enough with the camera'
The vet withdrew blood from the lump and then left the room to run a test....  waiting.... waiting...  She returns.

She found something.

She found some strange curved little things in the sample she took.  She didn't know what they were (great!) but assumed the tick had left a little bug in Charlie when it died.

It's funny, when she returned I was expecting her to say 'all clear' and it was a little strange when it wasn't.

Now it isn't serious.  Charlie is perfectly fine but we have him on antibiotics, half a tablet each morning and night for a couple of weeks and all should be good.

I've since been to the pet shop and picked up a tick collar ready for the next trip out to the acreage and a few extra treats.

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