2 July 2012

the one... with charlie

I promised that I would introduce you to my little Charlie so here he is:
I was very luck to find Charlie on Adopt a Pet early last year.

He was just 8 weeks old at the time and only 15cm tall.

This was the photo from their website:

Seriously look at that adorable face, how could I not!

I saw his profile on the Tuesday night and phoned them up on Wednesday morning.  They told me his was scheduled to visit the vet that day for his shots and to be desexed.  They also told me their policy didn't allow them to hold him for me because I couldn't get there until Saturday!!  Ahhhh.  I had to wait until 3pm on Friday to call back and see if he was still there.

I tell you they were 3 very long days!

I counted down on Friday until 3pm and finally made the call.

He was still there and yes, they would hold him for me to come up on Saturday (I could relax).

When I say come up, I had to drive from Brisbane to Kingaroy which is a good 2.5 hours drive.  It was actually a really nice drive up and I knew that he was on hold for me.

When I got there the lady and I went to the kennels and she brought him out.  She held him in front of me for what seemed like ages when she finally asked if I wanted to hold him....  I was then covered with kisses and I was a goner.

I almost forgot to tell you, I had a name picked out but I didn't have to change it because they had already name him Charlie.  It was meant to be.

I can honestly say that having Charlie has changed my life and for the better.  He is such a lovely boy, very playful, affectionate and loves a nap on the weekends.

I found this on Pinterest and I think it sums it up perfectly.
If you are wanting a pet I would highly recommend you visit the RSPCA website.

Do you think you can guess what mix breed he is??

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