10 July 2012

the one... the wardrobes are gone

I have sold the wardrobes!

I bought 2 timber wardrobes not long after I moved back in because as you know old Queensland homes don't have built-in wardrobes.

When I first moved back into the cottage I was using wire clothes racks which were really starting to sink from the weight of clothes so I had to do something and soon.

I searched Ebay for a few weeks and finally found 2 wardrobes that would do the job and fit the space.  Unfortunately, when I finally got them home they were a little bigger than was described and they didn't fit the wall they were meant for.  I ended up putting them on another wall but they really did crowd the room, taking up a lot of space and with them being stained a really dark brown they seem to close the walls in.

I put them up on Gumtree a little while back and they were getting views and I had a few emails but nothing serious.  That was until last week.  I got an email from a lady who was interested in buying both robes, great!

I'll admit I was a little hesitant to get excited because I'd received a few emails from scammers so I didn't want to get my hopes up.

But I'm happy to say that after a few messages back and forth they are sold.

The lady was keen to pick them up and I was keen to see them gone!

I spent a Friday night (such fun) emptying them out and removing the stuff that had accumulated on top, cleaning and getting them outside ready for pick up.

It's great to have them gone so I can move forward with the rest of the room makeover.  I feel it's getting closer and I'm soooo excited.

Lisa xo

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