25 July 2012

the one... with the new front light

I finally have a light on the front porch, no more tripping up the front stairs.

Actually, I have always had a sensor light there but it hasn't been working properly since I moved back in and it was look well passed its used by date with all that rust (I guess that's the salt air).

I shared with you a few lights that were on my short list but guess what... I bought something completely different.

I did buy a light similar to the original short list but all week I kept second guessing my decision and I figured that if I'm still thinking about it the day before the electrician is coming that I have the wrong light!

So with the electrician booked for 10am on Saturday morning I headed out early that same morning to visit a couple of stores.  The first one had what I wanted but not in the colour I needed.  They could order it in for me but I wouldn't have it that day, so on to the next place...

The next store wasn't even open yet so I had to wait in the carpark for 10minutes.  As soon as the sign was switched over to OPEN I was walking through the door.  I headed straight to the back of the store with the sensor lights and there on the wall was the one I wanted and yes they had 1 left!

To top that... they had 30% off.  I saved $30 on the light and got the one I wanted.

I think this style and colour goes better with the style of the cottage and will go well with the new colour.

This photo was taken in the first shop but it's the same light and I got a better price that what you see there
What do you think?

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