23 July 2012

the one... with the clean up

I spent a Saturday recently cleaning out the garage.  Exciting I know!

This is what I started with...

See there was no way I was going to get my car in there...

I can't believe how much stuff one person can accumulate.  All I can say is thank goodness it's only a single garage.

It took a full day to pull most things out and organise into stuff to go back in the garage (like my brand new edger you can see lying on the floor), stuff to go in the rubbish bin (like the broken fan) and stuff to go to the local op-shop (books and clothes).

I'm happy to say this was the rubbish bin towards the end of the day and as you can see the bin was overflowing which is always a good sign.

Oh there was another pile I forgot to mention, the freebie pile.  I placed a few things like some old window fly screens which were in the house when I bought it and they have had them sitting in the garage ever since.  I placed these out by the front fence for people to take and I'm happy to say they have gone to a new home.

It is looking much better as you can see here but there is still a bit of sorting to do and I need to visit Bunnings (yippee) for some more shelving units to get things up off the floor but I'm pretty happy with it so far.

The goal is to get the car back inside AND IT WILL HAPPEN!

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