7 November 2013

the one... with new blog style kits

I wanted to share with you the NEW Blog Style Kits now available over at the shop.

The kits are great for the DIY'er who wants to give their blog a makeover and if the budget doesn't stretch just yet for a full blog redesign then the kit is perfect.

So what do you get in the kit I hear you ask?

Well here ya go:

  • 10 x social media icons in 1 colour 45px wide
  • 10 x sidebar labels in 1 colour 270px wide
  • 3 x colour palettes with hex codes
  • 3 x share icons in 3 colours 90px wide
  • 2 x dividers in 2 sizes 300px wide and 600px wide
  • 1 x pattern 
  • 1 x photo frame in 3 colours 250px wide
  • 1 x heart icon in 3 colours and 2 sizes 30px wide and 45px wide

That’s 44 elements for your blog!

You also have the option of adding installation and I'll do all the work for you, while you sit back and relax!

The first kit was so much fun to work on that I'm working on more colour combinations - keep an eye out for them soon.

Lisa xo


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Lisa xo


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