19 November 2012

the one... with the shutters & awnings

After waiting 9 weeks the plantation shutters have been installed.


The new window awnings have been put up.

I wanted to show you them both from the outside.

The window with the partially closed shutter faces the West so it's either partially shut or completely shut to block out that killer sun.

I'm in love them both.


  1. What a gorgous and pretty home <3

    Are all your windows obscured like the ones in the images above, or are some clear as well?

    I am worried that plantation shutters would look too busy with our colonial style windows, what do you think?


    1. Thanks B.

      Most of the windows are frosted. You can't see the clear windows from the street - I'm glad because it would change to whole look of the cottage.

      I've posted another comment over on your blog about the shutters. Lisa xo


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