13 November 2012

the one... with me and the pick

I spent some quality time with the pick recently while a had a week off work.

We are now very good friends.

I took a trip to the landscape supplier to order retaining wall bricks, stepping stone pavers, pavers and pebbles so I could get to work on the front yard.

The first job was to remove the grass up the centre of the driveway - that's 13.5mts - to be replaced with the pebbles so no more mowing.  I took the job in shifts because it was a tough job and I don't like to work in the sun.  I waited until the sun moved in the early afternoon and put the area in shade which made it a lot easier to work.  Still hard work though.

I want this garden to be filled with agapanthus and their beautiful purple and white flowers.

Can you see I've also put down the single row of retaining wall up the driveway.


  1. Agapanthus will look great! I really like their strappy leaves and pretty flowers too. We have 2 out the front of our house on the nature strip, and ideally I'd like to add some more in the backyard. Good job moving that grass!

  2. Thanks. It's looking a little bare at the moment but hopefully it won't be take long. I can tell you it wasn't an easy job but worth it! Lisa xo


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