14 November 2012

the one... where I add a little stain

While on my holiday I got started on staining the veranda. 

I couldn't stain the entire deck because I was having family over just days later and I didn't think it was the best time.  I started with the trim around the veranda.

The colour I chose has a grey tone to it which I'm loving.

I'm hoping to get to the rest of the veranda soon, before the Summer heats really kicks in.

I think it needs another coat - it's looking a little patchy in this photo.

Lisa xo


  1. It looks great!!!

    MrB won't let me go anywhere near a paint brush, and all our doors, skirts and architraves need painting. :(


    1. I love getting in there and painting or staining in this case. It's a little patchy but that was only the first coat. A job for the Christmas holiday I think. Lisa xo


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