26 August 2013

the one... with an afternoon in the sun


If you follow me over at Instagram you would have seen these pics.

It was a beautiful Sunday recently I was driving back across the bridge near home when I noticed the tide was out and saw lots of people out on the sand.  This is the perfect time to get out onto the bay with no fear of the tide or sharks getting you.

I got home and changed into a tee and shorts, grabbed the cap and packed a little bag for Charlie - yes I'm one of those puppy mums.

I drove back across the bridge and headed out onto the sand.

I'll admit there were a few squishy bits of sand that was sooo yucky under foot but once you got past that it was fine.

At one point I watched Charlie cross one section of water where it reached his tummy and I could see the look on his face that he wanted to turn around but couldn't quite make it with the current taking him (every so slowly) in the opposite direction - so I had to rescue the wet puppy!

I had such a nice afternoon wondering around and through the water - I'll be keeping my eye on the tide from now on.

Lisa xo

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