29 August 2013

the one... with some healthy choices

I have been trying to make a real effort to eat more healthy - clean eating is more accurate.

On instagram I have found some really inspiration people who very kindly share their recipies, tips and ideas on how to eat and live a more clean life.

The daily check in on instagram (who am I kidding, it's several times a day) helps me stay motivated and gives me lots of great ideas.

Here are a few favourites:

and that's just a few.

I now find myself making granola which is so simple to make and I love that I can cater it to my own tastes.  I love nuts and seeds but limit the amount of dried fruits like pomegranates and sultanas.

Just this week I tried the Banana and Coconut Bread over on The Healthy Chef website and it was very yummy!

It's funny how saying it's a lifestyle choice rather than a diet makes you look at it differently.

Lisa xo

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