31 May 2012

the one... where I take you back, again

After the bathroom received a mini makeover the entry hall was the next room I tackled.  Oh why I hear you ask?

Again what on earth was I thinking when I chose that particular wall colour.  I swear I was trying to make a fruit salad home with the yellow bathroom (you can see in the background).

Very bad iphone photos taken on the day I moved back in
Wow what a difference.  Look how fresh and bright the room is...

It did take a couple of weekends to paint the room with the tongue and groove walls.  They look great and it really does suit the cottage but having to cut in every groove did take some time but it's worth it in the end.

The back story on the tongue and groove walls...  not long after I moved into the house when I first bought it way back, it rained.  I was sitting in the 'then' lounge room and I could hear the rain falling which is always a lovely sound until you realise the sound is coming from inside the house.  Not good!

It turned out that the guttering down the East side of the house was put on back to front with the lower side up against the house so when it rained the water would run back down the wall inside.  The wall was all buckled and had to be completely replaced.

I still don't know what to do with the floor.  I think in a former life the room was a verandah and then it was closed it in.  The floor is a different timber (size and colour) to the rest of the house and even has small gaps between the boards just like an outside verandah does so it does get a little chilly in Winter.  What do you think I could do with the floor?

I want the room to have a function and not to be just a hallway - I just don't know what yet.  It doesn't have any power (aside from the ceiling light) - I might have to change that.

Lisa xo


  1. Hey S, ~grin~

    The white is just so much cleaner, plus its a far easier pallet to build on. As for power, if it was once a veranda at least running power underneath won't be that hard.

    I liked how you used it as reading nook. A nice comfortable chair, maybe a small writing desk and the book case might work...but then it depends on what type of function you want it to have?

    Love seeing the cottage change (but my recollections of it are now 15 years old) :-)


  2. The white is fabulous, it lets you create anything you want! I love the idea of a reading nook with the addition of a small desk. I need to make a call to an electrician. Wow has it been that long since you've seen it? S xo


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