23 May 2012

the one... with the doggy door

As the weather starts to get colder at night, I am less inclined to want to get up and take the puppy outside in the middle of the night.  I'm not one who likes her sleep interupted, even if it is for an adorable puppy.

I headed to my local Pet Barn store to pick up a doggy door for $119.  I then dropped in to borrow the jigsaw from my Dad so I could tackle the job.

The box had everything you needed including a template to outline where to cut.  The only part that was a bit tricky was using the jigsaw around the corners.  The whole house vibrated.

It only took a couple of days and a small supply of treats to get Charlie to use the door.  He was very unsure of the plastic flap at first but now he uses it every day!

The little white things on the floor are treats laid out to entice Charlie in.

I'm happy to say it was actually an easy project and well worth it.

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