15 March 2013

the one... with a wall be gone

Wall be gone!

The project of removing the internal wall that separates the lounge and dining rooms has been on my to-do list since I moved back into the cottage.

The doorway was originally a large framed opening and I'd say a previous owner closed it in and hung a door to create a second bedroom.

I removed the door some time ago and it now sits in the garage while I think of something else for it to do.

The first job was to remove the skirting board from both sides before removing the door frame trim.  These both cleared the way to remove the plasterboard (actually I don't know what material the wall was made from but I can tell you it was clearly stamped to say it didn't contain asbestos - good to know).  I did have to snap the board into lots of small pieces to fit into the garage bin.

I'm now left with the frame which unfortunately I can't seem to remove on my own.  I've put the call in to Dad for some muscle power.

What a difference removing the wall has made, the space feels open and brings more light into the dining room and new kitchen.

Lisa xo 


  1. Dad's or a big hammer...or better yet Dad's with a big hammer will take care of that :-)

    It is looking awesome.

    1. Yep I'm going with Dad with the big hammer option or Mum, she loves to demolish!! Lisa xo


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