27 March 2013

the one... with the little desk

When I started to finalise plans for the new kitchen I realised that I didn't need a large desk nor did I want to designate an entire room to it either so I thought why not take advantage of the extra space available in the new kitchen.

The desk is 80cm wide which is perfect.  I didn't want a big desk that I would fill with stuff (cause I know I would!).  The two cupboards above the desk are to put the files away and to hopefully keep the desk clear.

I had a few days between the cabinets going in and when the bench top was to go on so I thought now would be the perfect time to paint the back wall of the desk with blackboard paint.

First I put masking tape around the three sides - didn't think I needed to tape up the bottom as this would be hidden once the bench top went on.  The little splatters you can see at the bottom managed to come off with a little scrub.

After two coats of paint this is how it looked.

Next is to move the powerpoint to the blackboard wall and change it to a double - you can never have enough powerpoints I say!

Did I mention that I'm in love with my new desk?!


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