13 March 2013

the one... where I paint, maybe?

The decision to paint or not to paint...

I really am undecided about whether I should paint the front footpath the same colour as the front porch.

I originally bought the paint for the cement beside the garage in the backyard but I don't want to start any work on the backyard until the frontyard is complete.  I know for me that I hate it when you have several big jobs going at once and it feels like nothing gets finished.

When it was time to paint the front porch the painter noticed I had the can in the garage and after seeing a painted sample I love.

I love the colour so much that I have used it in the laundry (photos soon, I promise).

I would love to know what do you think?  To paint or not to paint?

Lisa xo


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Thank you.
Lisa xo


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