20 March 2013

the one... with the laundry floor

Work on the laundry has come to a stop but that is only temporary so I thought this is the perfect opportunity to bring you up to date.

You can see the mess I'm starting with.  The room became the place to put all those bits and pieces I didn't want in the house but didn't want them out in the garage.  Things like the sewing cabinet, vacuum cleaning and new blinds I bought for the veranda but haven't put them up yet.

The first thing I wanted to do was paint the floor.  Originally I had thought I would tile the floor but then I realised that with the tile, it would take up the floor height.  That's a toe stub just waiting to happen so then I thought, why not paint it.

I took everything out of the room and give the room a good vacuum.  Then came a coat of undercoat.

It didn't take very long for the undercoat to dry before I started on two coats of the topcoat.  I'm using the same paver paint I used on the front porch.

Once the floor was dried I got started on attaching the cabinets to the wall.  The cabinets are from Ikea.  Does anyone else have problems with the legs falling out??  I ended up sticky taping them to the base so I could move them around and in to position without them falling out every time you moved.

Can you see the little white dot on the floor?  Well it turned out the builder had to come back and seal up a leak in the new roof... three times!!!  So far so good.

Lisa xo


  1. The laundry floor looks great, well done! Look forward to seeing the room when it's finished :)


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