11 September 2012

the one... with the kitchen plans

Now that the old cupboard has been removed from the kitchen it motivated me to finalise the plan for the new kitchen.

I've been having fun using the Ikea Planner tool and have come up with 2 options.

Option 1
This option is keeping the fridge in it's current spot on the immediate left as you enter the room.  The sink is directly across under the window.

Option 2

The difference here is I moved the fridge to the far left corner of the room to be closer to the main prep counter beside the stove.  I also moved the drawers from to this side for the same reason.

I didn't include the sink cupboard in this plan because it has already been replaced with an Ikea cupboard.  I'm now finishing the job.

Have I missed anything that would improve the design in anyway?

I'd love to know which option you prefer.

Lisa xo


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Thank you.
Lisa xo


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