5 September 2012

the one... with another eave repair

The plumber has removed the large 'smell' pipe that was located just outside the back door.

You know I never paid much attention to it before, probably because the back stairs and patio was there but now that I'll be sitting out there on the new deck it just had to go!

See that lovely big pipe coming up out of the roof... that's it.

And this is the back now...

Pipe all gone.

The chippy just needs to replace the section of eaves where the pipe because right now there is a big ugly hole.

No, that's not the final colour you can see there.  That's the undercoat with a touch of black added for better coverage.

You'll see the final colour soon, I promise not long now.


  1. leave the hole it could be used as a down light
    over your door...M

    1. Thanks M. The hole is now gone but there will be a light on the ceiling just outside the backdoor soon. Lisa xo


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