3 December 2013

the one… with updating the toilet

Well work has begun on the toilet.  I've managed to put the first coat of undercoat on the walls and ceiling before I decided that the new toilet needs to go in before I continue painting.

The next day I emailed my plumber (the same guy who did the kitchen and laundry - great guy!) and organised a day for him to come over and finally remove the old and put in the new.

I mentioned previously that I was given a brand new porcelain toilet from my uncle which has been sitting in the garage for a couple of months.  Well now thanks to Dad it's sitting in the entry ready and waiting for the plumber who is booked in at 7:30am this Thursday.

Say goodbye to the black lid (do you hear that sis!).

Then I can get back to work and finish the room - I think I'm looking at 3 coats of the undercoat to completely cover that lovely orange.

Lisa xo

1 comment:

  1. Yay for no black toilet lid! Its going to look great, and good on you for finding a tradie to fit you in before the Xmas rush!!


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