22 July 2013

the one... with the lounge room


I recently found a picture of a lounge room layout that I loved.  I actually made a little noise when I saw it which can only mean.... Lisa must have it!

I've been searching for similar bookcases with not much luck.

So on to plan B.

What about this look from Ikea minus the glass cupboards.


The plus would mean more storage which I is always on my list.  I don't think I want the shelves across the top - I wouldn't be able to reach and it would mean more to dust.


I've priced the 3 pieces needed and I will need 2 x Billys at $169 each and 1 x Benno for $159.  That brings it to $497 - I think I will add some extra trims to Billy to jazz it up a little and not forgetting the electrician to put the TV on the wall.

The lounge room is soooo close to being finished. 

Lisa xo


  1. Love the idea!! It will look fab!

    Have you googled "ikea billy hacks"? or this

    There are some great ideas out there

    1. Hey thanks for the link - have been over to the site a few times to check it out. Lisa xo


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