28 May 2013

the one... with the dining room wall

This is a 'before' photo of the middle room of the cottage before I moved in - can you see the lovely green entry on the left.  Thank goodness that's gone... what was I thinking??

The space was a nothing space really.  A room to walk through but it had no real purpose.

Now the space contains the kitchen - on the left is the main part of the kitchen and on the right is the desk, pantry and soon the fridge will be in its new home.

At the very end of this space is the dining room and I'm thinking about painting that wall at the far end in a dark grey/almost black.  I have a large gold/silver mirror which would be a real feature and bring extra light into the space.

I've been over on pinterest (of course) looking at different options.

I had a little play around in Photoshop to give me an idea (remembering the walls and ceiling are white and the doorway on the right has been opened up.

I quite like the dramatic look but I'm not sure if my dark brown dining table and chairs with cream suede cushions will work.

Oh well something else for me to think about!

Just a quick thought.... if I go with the dark wall I would go with the white tiles with grey grout in the kitchen.  The grey gloss tile would clash with the feature wall.


Lisa xo


  1. I really like your ideas about a dark feature wall....and I think a darkish grey would look great, even with your table and chairs...

    BUT, if it were me I wouldn't be choosing tiles to go with the paint...I'd be choosing tiles that I LOVE first and then the paint.
    Paint is a lot easier (and cheaper) to change if you get tired of it. Tiles are expensive!
    You could just about get a first dark coat on the wall from a sample pot...at least Bristol has large sample pots I think
    Just some thoughts from a constant renovator...


    1. Thanks Lesley. I would have to agree with you on choosing the tile first - paint it cheaper and much easier to change than the tiles. I think I need to finish the kitchen tiles before moving on to the next room. Lisa xo


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