21 October 2014

the one with... a backyard makeover

Yippee!! Work has finally begun on the backyard.

Here is the plan:
  • Hire jack hammer
  • Hire a skip
  • Remove extra driveway cement
  • Remove rubbish from under the house
  • Remove unwanted plants
  • Remove excess green rubbish
  • Remove grass up the centre of the driveway to the garage door
  • Create a little garden in front of the garage
  • Use sleepers for garden edge
  • Use a narrow timber strip for walkway garden edge
  • Tidy/sort the service side
  • Assemble the 2 raised garden beds for the new vegetable garden
  • Order soil to fill the holes left after removing the concrete
  • New walkway from driveway to the stairs
The overall plan is to create privacy with a tropical inspired garden around the fence with a large grass area in the middle for Charlie.  I want to feel like I step into my backyard and feel completely at ease.

If you follow me over on Instagram then you would have seen these pictures of the work in progress.  Thanks to Mum for taking the photos of me - I didn't realise she'd taken them.

I haven't strayed away from my original plans for the backyard.

Dad and I were a good team with him on the jack hammer - that thing was too big for me and I picked up all the concrete into the wheelbarrow to take out to the skip.  We got it all done in a few hours.  Mum got the service side all sorted and started on building up the soil in the vegetable gardens.  She also got in and cut out the unwanted plants.

I can tell you that I was buggered by the end of the day.

I have to give a HUGE big shout out to my mum and dad for all of their hard work.  They have continued on with the backyard after I hurt my back.  Three days after moving the concrete the back let me know that it wasn't impress with all of the hard work and put my out of action (including work) for days.

I'll share more update photos with you soon.  It's looking great!


  1. Two comments have now disappeared into the ether! You've achieved a huge amount in a short back breaking day! I look forward to seeing your plans come to life. It will be nice to watch the garden grow and have a retreat from inside Reno dust! Looking forward to doing our gardens here, though that's still along way off.

    1. hey thanks heaps. it's be worth it in the end! Lisa xo


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