17 February 2014

the one with… a finished toilet

I'm happy to say that I've managed to keep the momentum going with getting projects finished.

The toilet was an eyesore that really needed to be fixed.

I honestly don't know what I was thinking painting it that bright colour but I'll go with being young.

I'm so happy with the end result and it only took a weekend to finish it.

The only downside was the toilet couldn't be replaced with the new one because the plumbing wasn't it the same spot.  Sure I could have a new hole cut and had the plumbing moved but it just isn't worth it.  The big plan is to completely gutter the toilet and bathroom (hopefully later this year) so I didn't see the need to pay for this when it can wait.

So the black toilet sit is staying for now.

This is my DIY painting hanging behind the door.  It was so much fun to make but it did take some time because eat dot was done individually.  Yep I sat at the table and dot painted with the bottom of a paint brush in a tray of paint and then on on the canvas.

I just have to remind you… this is what I started with.

The Before

No need for sunglasses anymore!

Lisa xo


  1. Looking great Lisa! much lighter and brighter

  2. So much better! i bet it was one of those jobs that you can't believe you waited so long to do! I like the circle you left though-it looks great in that size! x


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